Tu Mere Dil Me Rahne Ke Layak Nahi song: Insecure Adil envies Rakhi Sawant’s close proximity to a sleazy star

Altamash Faridi’s tone, Asif Faridi’s music and the sob story of envy all combine to trigger the classic 90s nostalgia.

L-R: Raj Thakur, Rakhi Sawant, Adil Khan Durrani in the Tu Mere Dil Me Rahne Ke Layak Nahi single

By Mayur Lookhar

For a lady who is a motormouth, a terrific dancer, a ballad is something that is so alien to Rakhi Sawant. The firebrand celebrity, dancer shows a rare emotional side to her in the Tu Mere Dil Me Rahne Ke Layak Nahi single. Produced by AB Bansal Music, the song was launched today [10 September] in Mumbai.

The ballad has no a single word from the motormouth Rakhi. She simply soaks into the story wherein a a starlet [Rakhi Sawant] and her beau [Adil Durani] are on the sets of some cooking show or TV commercial. The director is unimpressed by the chosen artiste, who then quickly makes her way out. Rakhi is cajoled into auditioning and she clears it. Soon Adil is seen shaking hands with a producer, what follows next is a newspaper clipping with the headline, ‘Adil Khan Durani: AB Bansal’s next super star. The article mentions about a film starring Adil off to a flying start even beating the single day record gross box office collection of Bahubali [2015]. Hey, it’s a fiction song. Everything goes here. 

Later, we see one influential actor [Raj Thakur] trying to get cozy with Rakhi.  Some of these scenes appear to be part of Rakhi-Raj’s work, but Adil is uncomfortable with the way Thakur is getting cosy with his beloved. The insecurity sets in and the man’s heart is beating the words, “Tu Mere Dil Me Rahne Ke Layak Nahi’. [You’re not worthy enough for my heart].

Ah, such a 90s phenomenon. Countess ballads were written with the man mocking the lady for her bewafahi [infidelity]. Today, such tropes are likely to cop criticism from the feminists who’d label the man a cry baby who hasn’t learnt to move on, but will continue to curse the woman.  Be it 90s or 2022,  we get upset with our dear ones only. Adil embodies the insecurity of an obsessive lover. You’d be wrong to think they only existed in the 90s. Just check social media, and you’re likely to find cry babies cursing their ex.

Tanveer Ghazi’s words aren’t poetic, but so typical of ballads from the 90s era. What’s new though is the contemporary music and the deep baritone of Altamash Faridi.  Atif Faridi’s music and Altamash’s singing is very appealing. There is an endearing end to the story, but we leave it upon viewers to watch it themselves.  

Lately, Rakhi Sawant is not seen much in Bollywood. This era perhaps belongs to younger dancers. Sawant though has kept her presence alive through social media. It’s a little tough for the blabbermouth Rakhi to not be talking or dancing in a music video. She doesn’t quite emote the inner feelings of her character. Adil though puts up a decent show as the insecure, envious lover. He does have a screen presence too.

Tu Mere Dil Me Rahne Ka Layak Nahi is not for the purists, but it sure will strike a chord with the many heart-broken souls.

Watch the song below.


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