JugJugg Jeeyo trailer: A ‘family’ divorce in a Karan Johar film

Director Raj Mehta’s bizarre story has Anil Kapoor seeking divorce from Neetu Singh, while their reel son Varun Dhawan seeks one from Kiiara Advani.

Neetu Singh (1), Prajakta Koli (2), Anil Kapoor (3) and Varun Dhawan (R) in JugJugg Jeeyo [2022]

By Mayur Lookhar

For a man who thought us about family values, unity in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham [2001]. filmmaker, producer Karan Johar is happy to explore complexity of relationships in the modern materialistic world. Dharma Productions looked to push the envelope with Gehraiyaan [2022] , which was befittingly released on Over-The-Top platform. Their next also covers relationships but being a theatrical release, producers are slaves to formulaic compulsions. And so this one will take the humour route to tell its story.

Good Newwz [2019] director Raj Mehta returns with JugJugg Jeeyo [2022], another relationship drama. Screenwriter Anurag Singh’s story has been worked by multiple hands – Rishhabh Sharrma (screenplay, dialogue), Sumit Matheja and Anurag (screenplay) with additional screenplay by Neeraj Udhwani.

Going by the title, we thought this would be just another typical family drama but JugJugg Jeeyo surprised us with its story. The film’s catchphrase, ‘A family reunion, full of surprises’ holds true. The big surprise rather shock is that here is a family where the son [Varun Dhawan] is seeking divorce from his wife Naina ([Kiara Advani]. He is scared to reveal it to his parents [played by Anil Kapoor, Neetu Singh]. Perhaps it is convenient to disclose this over a drink with dad, but before the son can speak, the father drops a bombshell that he is going to divorce his mother. While Kiara has made her mind up, but her mother-in-law has no idea what her husband and son are up to. The mother does come to know about the son later, but it appears that Neetu Singh is largely unaware of her husband’s desire. The father happily reveals to his son that he has been seeing their former teacher Meera [Tisca Chopra].. While Neetu wants to meet Meera, we are not sure she is aware of her husband’s intentions. Perhaps Prajakta Koli is Dhawan’s sister here. The wedding setting suggests that the family doesn’t want to reveal their secrets till this (maybe Prajakta’s) wedding is over.

Clearly, not your typical, traditional Bollywood family drama. Far cry from the days of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham [2001]. Now this is a grim situation to the core, but Bollywood is famous for making light of such issues and weave such stories around humour. If one goes by tradition, maybe, there won’t be any divorce at all. We hope to get some serious food for thought on the complexity of human relationships.

As a single, middle class Indian, we have a stunned expression on our face after watching this trailer. Let’s hope that complex relationships are not lost in the garb of humour. The film does have an impressive star cast. Fans will be happy to see Neetu Singh on the screen after the sad demise of her late actor husband Rishi Kapoor. Funnyman Maniesh Paul will hope that this film helps to revive his career. We reckon there is likely to be more surprises in the film.

JugJugg Jeeyo is set to be released in theatres on 24 June. Watch the trailer below.


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