Mood Banaleya song: If no mood, Amruta Fadnavis certainly stuns you with her tone and look

The Marathi lady not only braves to sing a Punjabi song, but also dons a spunky look and shows off some desi moves.

Amruta Fadnavis in Mood Banaleya song

By Mayur Lookhar

She is the wife of Deputy CM, Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, but Amruta has built her own identity in the corporate world, social circles. Thus far, Amruta the singer has largely crooned for social causes. The Mood Banaleya [2023] single is her maiden foray into Punjabi pop. Social songs come with their own added responsibility. A single, too, has its challenges, but Fadnavais felt relaxed while crooning the Punjabi number.

Yes, you heard it right. A Marathi lady singing an all-out new age Punjabi pop number. It doesn’t happen every day. One has got to give credit to Amruta for taking that risk. The Punjabi speaking audiences are the best judge, but to be fair to Amruta, it isn’t the worst Punjabi that we’ve heard.

Kumaar’s lyrics isn’t exciting, but the music by Meet Brothers is fairly immersive.  Clearly the singing is aided by technology. Meet Brothers were quick to defend their singer, reminding all that auto-turning is very much part of modern-day singing.

More than creative aspect, we salute Amruta for not being afraid to turn up in a spunky avatar and even showing off some desi moves. They come with own pace, but outside opinions don’t matter as long as the person is comfortable in his/her skin.

Speaking on the look, choreography Amruta said, “I was excited about it. This is a spunky song. So, you needed that look, as suggested by the director [Adil Shaikh]. I just followed it. I hope it really worked. Life is all about exploring. If you are stuck in your preconceived thoughts, you will never grow in life.”

Amruta also revealed that her husband liked the song. Such Punjabi pop will never appeal the purists, but as often producers say that they are popular with the target audience. We hope Mood Banaleya finds its dedicated listeners.

Watch the song below.


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