Current Laga Re song: Live wires Ranveer, Deepika give us the most electrifying dance number of the year

Though the song partly triggers Dhinka Chika nostalgia, but the Cirkus track has enough sparks of its own.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in the Current Laga Re song from Cirkus [2022]

By Mayur Lookhar

Like its story, a Rohit Shetty film tends to produce music of its own. There’s always a track or two that gets the nation dancing.  Cirkus [2022] has one that is called Current Laga Re. It truly lives up to its name as live wires Ranveer Singh and his actor wife Deepika Padukone give you a delightful 1000 watt current.

The song has a similar vibe like Dhinka Chika from Salman Khan’s Ready [2011], but Current Laga Re has enough sparks of its own. Kumaar’s lyrics are immaterial as you are simply floored by the visuals, the riveting choreography and the electrifying performance by Deepika and Ranveer. The former appears in this song like Chennai Express’ Meenamma. Let’s get it straight, the Cirkus track is far superior to any dance track from Chennai Express [2013].

Beating to ‘rapchik’ Bollywood tunes, the choreography is Bollywood freestyle like never seen before. The opening intro tunes, lyrics, singing, and the early visual have a classical touch to it. You don’t need to bother about the meaning, because the Tamil lyrics and the vocal is so good that Ranveer’s reaction in the video mirrors ours. 24 seconds later, the Bollywood dance song bursts out as you are sucked into its ‘jhakass’ music and the electrifying dancing.

Ranveer Singh is like this toddler who is dancing with gay abandon after being left alone in the park.  There is a likable effeminacy to Singh that he never bothers about the steps. To hell with the gender, we simply marvel at what the human body is capable of doing. Ranveer and Deepika are made to for each other, it’s hard to separate them in life. This is just a dance floor. The duo feed off each other’s magnetic energy. The steps simply can’t be defined. We loved the core ‘sparky’ steps, but the one that leaves us stunned is below –

How do you explain this? You don’t. You simply savour the magic. The Tamil verse takes the current to a whole different level. It is followed by a pleasant mellow tone and smooth rhythmic dance, especially the neck movements. Jeez, here are two dance gods putting on a dazzling display. Take a bow.

There is seldom any drop in the riveting tones of Nakash Aziz, Dhvani, Jonita Gandhi, and Lijo George. You wished it lasted more than its 3.35 minutes, but too much current can be injurious to health. Ranveer and Deepika abort at the right time.  What’s left though is arguably the finest Bollywood dance track of 2022. Watch the Current Laga Re track below.

Cirkus is set to be released in theatres on 23 December.


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