Vivek Oberoi on playing a deglam cop in Dharavi Bank

The passion with which Oberoi spoke about his character is also reflected on the screen.

Vivek Oberoi as JCP Jayant Gavaskar in Dharavi Bank [2022]

By Mayur Lookhar

For donkey’s years, Indian cinema has witnessed a larger-than-life cop.  In the millennia, this cop has taken care to look further good, sport six-pack abs to justify the larger-than-life persona. Recently, we saw the first episode of MX Player web series Dharavi Bank. We are pleasantly surprised to find the cop protagonist look anything but a larger-than-life character.  JCP Jayant Gavaskar looked slightly heavy. He didn’t sport but simply had a grainy moustache. He seemed soft spoken, even that intensity seemed to be curtailed.

We asked Oberoi whether he was comfortable in playing this non-sexy cop, rather than worry about the six-packs, swag and all?

Oberoi’s co-artiste Suniel Shetty jumped in to pass a quirky comment.

“Sexy is not about six pack. If it is six-pack then it is sixy.  Sexy is having the right attitude. Every individual who is an actor has a sex appeal. That is why s/he is loved and admired,” said Shetty.

We’re fully in sync with Suniel anna (brother). We then asked Oberoi how was it to be playing this deglam cop?

“Samit is somebody who has always chased authenticity. Throughout our conversation, we wanted him to look real, a certain age – a Joint Police Commissioner of that age. We didn’t want someone who spends hours in the gym but one who spends 16 hours in the office, which is perhaps the average time a cop spends at work,” said Oberoi.

Commenting on the challenge, Oberoi said, “What I thought was most challenging for me was that Gavaskar doesn’t verbalise much. It is not the dialogues. He is saying one thing, but thinking another. For that we had to work as a team, Samit, Vijay [DOP], myself. How do we put that across on the screen? You know he will do something but what, that you don’t know. That’s the game, a chess game.”

He adds, “There is layer of vulnerability to characters like thi. That strength, mad passion to deliver justice, no matter what the cost. the rules, he will break them all. That comes from a sense of deep pain. It is this deep pain and integrity combined is what creates this fire that is called Gavaskar”

All these words were not hollow as the same was reflected in the first episode of the noir web series. Dharavi Bank [2022] is currently streaming on MX Player.


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