Akshay Kumar’s exit from Hera Pheri 3, Suniel Shetty has no clue on what ‘hera pheri’ took place

The experienced actor is surprised that the struggling super star has opted out of the film after initially committing to it.

Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty in Hera Pheri [2000]

By Mayur Lookhar

Hera Pheri is one of the popular franchises in Bollywood. From the time that it was first announced, fans have waited with bated breath for the third instalment in the franchise. It’s taken a while for the third film to get going. Just when things seemed set to roll, struggling super star Akshay Kumar threw a surprise by backing out of the film. No replacement, but now rising star Kartik Aaryan enters the world of Hera Pheri.

Shyam [Suniel Shetty], Raju [Akshay] and Baburao [Paresh Rawal] are much loved by the fans, but Kumar’s last-minute volte-face has stunned even Suniel Shetty.  In an earlier article, Shetty had expressed surprise as Kumar, Rawal and he had committed to doing the film.  Shetty was posed the Hera Pheri question at the press conference of Dharavi Bank [2022] web series on Thursday [17 November].

“I’ve been so busy with Dharavi that I have no clue what hera pheri [foul play] took place. To know about this hera pheri, I’ll have to pay a visit to the producer of Hera Pheri to know what happened between Akshay Kumar and you?  Honestly, I don’t know. I’ll go after 20 November,” said Shetty.

The experienced actor was then asked whether he would like the original cast to be there in the third film too?

Shetty simply replied, “I don’t want any hera pheri, but I want Hera Pheri 3 to be made.”

There have conflicting theories floating around Akshay’s exit from Hera Pheri. In an interview at HT Summit, the actor had cited creative differences over the script. Then there is buzz in the industry that Kumar’s pricey demands [fees] have led to the producer showing him the exit door.

Directed by Priyadarshan, Hera Pheri [2000] is the remake of Malayalam film Ramji Rao Speaking [1989]. Priyadarshan and his lead cast returned again in 2006 with the sequel Phir Hera Pheri.


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