Is Salaam Venky a chance for Vishal Jethwa to atone for his sins in Mardaani 2?

The humble actor is more thrilled to be getting a chance to portray different shades to him as an actor.

Vishal Jethwa and Kajol at Salaam Venky trailer launch in Mumbai on 14 November.

By Mayur Lookhar

How a particular performance can stick in viewer’s conscience that it can be a lasting image. Thankfully, Bollywood has long come from the days where actors were typecast in a particular role. The Ranjeets, the Prans would testify how their villainous on-screen image, transcended onto real life too. Recently, we had seasoned actor Govind Namdev talking about how playing a rapist in a few films affected his personal life too. 

28-year-old Vishal Jethwa is only few films old, but he left a lasting impression upon us as the minor evil rapist in Mardaani 2 [2019].  He will now be seen in Salaam Venky, where he essays the role of a 24-year-old dying man.  But Venky looks like a positive, live-life-to-the-fullest character.

After scaring off viewers, especially, women, is Salaam Venky then a chance to atone for his sins in Mardaani 2?

“No, not at all,” he says in a stunned tone.  The 28-year-old then adds confidently, “This was an opportunity for me to portray my two different sides. After Mardaani 2, people started hating me. After this, I’m sure that people will love me a lot.”

Jethwa’s director Revathy simply summed up saying that such performances [ Mardaani 2, Salaam Venky] helps to show the range of this actor.

Rahul Bose, Jethwa’s co-actor in Salaam Venky, waxed praise on the young man saying, “The first time that we met, I could see it in your eyes. You have a great future ahead of you.”

While he did play a heinous monster in Mardaan 2, but it also true that Jethwa earned much praise for his villainy in the Yash Raj Productions film.  Perhaps, the actor is lucky to get a chance to change that reel image in his next film. 

Based on Shrikant Murthy’s book The Last Hurrah, Salaam Venky is a true story of Venkatesh, a young man from Hyderabad who passed away at the age of 24. Salaam Venky is set to be released on 9 December.


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