Bas Tujhse Pyaar Ho single: Armaan’s singing, Vedika’s smile, Kumaar’s lyrics, Rochak’s brilliant score gives T-Series a rare quality single

Though the music is contemporary, the lyrics, the singing and visuals make it a mesmerizing romantic number for all ages.

Vedika Pinto and Armaan Malik in Bas Tuhjse Pyaar Ho [2022] single

By Mayur Lookhar

It is not ideal to begin your week with a song [single] launch. Often these singles tend to feature the music label’s favourites, glossy on the outside, but lacking real substance. We were reluctant to attend the song launch of T-Series’ new single Bas Tujhse Pyaar Ho. Three and a half minutes later, we fell in love with everything about the song.

Original lyrics, composition feels like gold dust in the concrete jungle that often reeks of remakes. Noted lyricist Kumaar, who has his fair share of remakes, was humble enough to say that sometimes remakes are done out of obligation. Bas Tujhse Pyaar Ho was written as a film song, but destiny had other ideas. It was one jamming session between composer Rochak Kohli and lyricist Kumaar that led to the birth of the single Bas Tujhse Pyaar Ho.

Before we come to the music, singing, we were intrigued by the titular lyrics. Bas Tujhse Pyaar Ho. The English translation literally means, Love should happen only with you. Now these words can be looked at in two different ways- either the guy is committing to that one girl, or it can also be viewed as the guy not confident that he wouldn’t waver in his love for that one special girl. Maybe, that is why he keeps crooning, reminding himself of ‘Bas Tujhse Pyaar Ho”.

The early lyrics suggest that Kumaar’s leading man [played by Armaan Malik] starts off as a guy unsure what is real love, attraction, but after seeing Vedika Pinto, he prays [dua] to his heart, that love should happen only with this girl. This uncertainty in one line and then appeal, conviction in the other line – oh dil ki baatein, dil hi jaane [Only the heart knows the matter of love]. Kumaar’s lyrics hit you like a breath of fresh air, shining both in its prose and poetry. Ah, it’s rare to find such poetic lyrics these days in Hindi music space.

The beautiful lyrics beat to a mesmerizing contemporary pop score by Kohli. After the mellow opening tunes, the song has a fine racy rhythm that grips your senses. The tempo returns to a mellow tune close to the near two-minute mark. Like the mukdha [intro], the only antara [verse] plays to soft tunes. Despite the change in tempo, there is no drop in the fine rhythm. The tempo picks up again soon but not as frolic like the earlier tunes. The latter half of the song flows like a still river.

Armaan’s voice resonates with the millennials. How Hindi music space has moved from the defined tones to a more soothing, mellow tones of artistes like Armaan Malik, Arijit Singh. It’s another delightful effort by Armaan who truly enjoys the fine lyrics and composition at his disposal. Armaan’s falsetto towards the end is simply breathtaking.

The lyrics, music, singing is top notch, but the song also stands out for its visual story telling. The picturesque hills of Himachal are finely captured but the director Charit Desai gets his lead pair -Armaan and Vedika to emote the requisite emotions, feelings of the song. His fans believe that he is a total package. Albeit a single, Malik does well to play the eternal romantic well on the screen.  Looks like Pinto and Malik’s rendezvous after a long time is tapped into the song again as the boy yearns to meet the girl again. Pinto’s natural screen presence, electric smile is enough to light a dark day.  Not heckled by lip-synching, Pinto regales in being her natural jovial self on the screen. Malik and her camaraderie looks so natural. The duo are meeting for the first time since their school days.

The only con with the song is that as a listener, you are left craving for more.  Maybe, the app version might have the extended track. Nevertheless, the fine all around creativity on the show made us fall in love with Bas Tujhse Pyaar Ho. This is a romantic number for all ages.

Watch the single below.


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