Salma Agha on her daughter Zahrah: I’ve always seen her as a better me

Zahrah S. Khan launches her single Main Tenu Chadh Jaungi on her mother’s birthday.

L-R: Shaheer Sheikh, Salma Agha, Zahrah S. Khan, Tanishk Bagchi

By Mayur Lookhar

Like mother, like daughter. Young Zahrah S. Khan has followed in her mother’s footsteps emerging as a fine singer. She’s done little bit of acting too having made her debut in Aurangzeb [2013] as Sashaa Agha. She’s lately focused on her singing career by doing few music videos and also playback singing. Her latest single Main Tenu Chadh Jaungi was launched today [29 October] in Mumbai. It was a special occasion for the young singer, actor as it was also her mother Salma Agha’s birthday. The veteran artiste earned fame as an actor and singer in the 80s.

Zahrah brought her mother along to celebrate her birthday. The wedding single launch was a perfect present for the veteran. Salma was asked about the similarities that she sees in her daughter.

“I’ve always seen her as a better [version of] me. That is how it is going to be in future. Her achievements are my achievements. What should I have done and what I left, is transferred to her,” said Agha.

A wedding single, sounds very paradoxical. Zahrah agreed with us in saying, “Yes, I think in today’s day and age, this title goes well. There is the little surprise element. We wanted the people to keep guessing if she [character] is (gate) crashing the wedding. So, there is a slight suspense to it.”

Main Tenu Chadh Jaungi sees a woman [Zahrah] crashing into her best friend’s house. She brings with her a big liquor bottle. It later turns out that the woman is the bride to be. Shaheer Sheikh, popular for his TV shows, plays the handsome groom.

We see Shaheer as a reticent, almost a laidback groom. Is that different to real life, where perhaps most grooms maybe excited, restless to get married?

“I don’t think so. There may be guys like that. Everyone has a different case, “Sheikh says, “I liked the character as he is very supportive. She is that excited soul. She wants to celebrate that every moment. This is a fresh take to a wedding song.”

Zahrah praised her co-actor and friend calling him supportive towards women in general.

“The whole idea of the character is that he is very supportive partner. We wanted to show it on the screen in a light hearted way. Weddings are traditional, but every woman has the right to celebrate a wedding the way she wants to. Shaheer’s character is very supportive. Everybody wants a guy like that,” said Khan

Zahrah is a bubbly girl with a baby face and child-like in her mannerism. Perhaps, the young lady hasn’t changed much since her early days.

A smiling Zahrah says, “My baby pictures are very similar. I think it my personality which comes onto my face.”

Is it easy for the singer to exhibit this personality in a music video as opposed to a film scene?

“Before this song, I haven’t done any video which is close to my personality. I’ll relate this to my mother. When she did Nikaah [1982], she was as she was. She used to keep telling me, the day you get to portray something where you will be exactly what you are in real life, you are going to really enjoy, “quipped Khan.

“That is because you are not acting, you are not putting an act.  This song was that for me. The faces that I’m making while dancing, I do that often [off camera].  In fact, I was trying to control myself and not make those faces as much,” added the singer.

Watch the Main Tenu Chadh Jaungi single below.

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