Kriti Sanon: Shot Bhediya and Adipurush simultaneously

Pandemic and multiple films have ensured that the actor has been kept busy throughout the last few years

Kriti Sanon in Bhediya [2022]

By Mayur Lookhar

The peak pandemic period shut the whole world, but once it eased, in-demand actors surely had a tough time to balance their schedule. One artiste who has been very much in demand is Kriti Sanon. Having signed multiple films, especially during the pandemic itself, her schedule certainly must be packed to the rafters.

The pandemic first delayed her early projects. If we recall well, Bachchhan Paandey [2022] was one of those films whose schedule was hit hard.  In the last few years, Sanon had signed films like Bhediya [2022], Shehzaada, Adiprush [2023]. She’s also signed Anurag Kashyap’s Kill Bill remake, plus there was news of Sanon doing a film with Shahid Kapoor, where she reportedly would be playing a robot.

With so many films in her kitty, Kriti surely must have had a tough time in managing her dates, but more importantly, playing such a wide of range of characters in a small period of time.

Commenting on it during the Bhediya [2022] trailer launch, Sanon said, “I have been fortunate to get such different characters. Besides, once we came out of Covid, we were hungry to do good work. I didn’t want to let go of any of these lovely films/characters.”

Sanon adds, “Obviously, it gets a little difficult to jump from one set to another. I remember shooting for Bhediya and Adipurush [2023] simultaneously. It was chaotic because both characters were poles apart. But that is the fun of it. It is lovely to get good directors, where you can just surrender and they can take it.”

Sanon’s co-actor Varun Dhawan then intervened to pass a cheeky comment, “She’s now got a new house.” Sanon didn’t want Dhawan to continue who then stopped in his ranks. He was obviously referring to the news of Sanon renting Amitabh Bachchan’s luxurious apartment at Atlantis, in Andheri West, Mumbai.

Earlier, when asked whether she too would love unleash her inner beast like Varun Dhawan, Sanon didn’t really say much but then Bhediya producer and good friend Dinesh Vijan joked they had a similar concept for Sanon where she would play a vampire but the idea was dropped.

Bhediya [2022] is set to be released on 25 November.


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