Mili trailer: Janhvi Kapoor goes very cold in a chilling survival thriller

Director Mathukutty Xavier returns to retell his National Award-winning Malayalam film in Hindi.

Janhvi Kapoor in mILI [2022]

By Mayur Lookhar

Oh these remakes! But this is one that yours truly is excited for. We haven’t seen the original Malayalam film. We only saw the Hindi remake trailer today, and fair to say that Mili [2022] comes across as a unique and chilling survival thriller. Director Mathukutty Xavier returns to helm the Hindi remake of his National Award [Best Debut Film of a director] winning Malayalam film Helen, that starred Anna Ben, M.P. Michael aka Lal in leading roles.

Mathukutty Xavier has Boney Kapoor as the producer with Janhvi Kapoor playing the titular role in the Hindi remake Mili. 

The story is of a young girl Mili who gets locked up in a cold storage room. It then leads to an agonizing few hours or maybe few days for the protagonist. Dying to survive, this catchline is as paradoxical as it can get.

Hindi audiences have seen Rajkummar Rao in another survival thriller Trapped [2017]. Rao and that film received much praise. However, Rao’s character was locked inside his new home, where he could breathe freely. Out in Mili, the protagonist is likely to freeze to her death. That is what makes this story more chilling.

The trailer reveals Mili to be having a close bond with her father [played by Manoj Pahwa].  Sunny Singh plays Mili’s boyfriend. These characters would be searching for the missing Mili endlessly. Much like Trapped [2017], Mili, too, will depend upon the survival instincts and the sole efforts of Janhvi Kapoor. The young actor has largely impressed in her short career so far. The haunting image of Mili wrapped in plastic, with eyes, face red and the dissipating teardrop is bound to send a chill down your spine.

The trailer is very academic, but audiences will be more interested in how Mili overcomes the odds. Or does she? We will find the answer on 4 November.

Watch the trailer below.

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