Ektaa Kapoor left in tears at the Goodbye [2022] trailer launch

The seasoned producer gets emotional while answering a question on whether she had any arguments with their parents whilst growing up.

Ekta Kapoor gets emotional at the trailer launch of Goodbye [2022]

By Mayur Lookhar

The occasion was the trailer launch of Goodbye [2022]. The Vikas Bahl-directorial tells the story of a family who is left stunned after the sudden demise of the mother [played by Neena Gupta]. Amitabh Bachchan plays the father here. The trailer suggests that the children in the family were slightly disconnected with their parents,. With the mother now gone, the family members didn’t even have time to say proper goodbye.

During the press conference, the trio of producer Ektaa Kapoor, actors Neena Gupta and Rashmika Mandanna were asked whether they had any arguments with their respective parents whilst growing up – on account of the generation gap.

Ektaa Kapoor was left teary-eyed while answering the question.

“We all have argued with our parents. We have said things to them. We’ve been angry with them,” Kapoor said in jiffy before choking up and eventually shedding few tears.

“There is always a time when you get scared, [your] parents are getting old. I’m emotional.There comes a time when you start worrying for your parents, I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I’m hating it”, Kapoor said in an emotional tone.

Unable to say anything further, Rashmika Mandanna took the baton from Ektaa. There were no tears from her, but Mandanna shared her happy experience.

“I’ve always been this child who has mostly lived in hostel. So, for me arguing with my parents, it was never a thing.  It [arguments] shows the closeness that you have with your parents. You only fight with people that you are extremely close to. By the time I could have this [arguments] moment with my parents, I had already matured. So, there was never any fight between us. I now understand what they are asking for,” said Mandanna.

Ektaa Kapoor and Mandanna left us in contemplative mood, but Neena Gupta was quick to lighten the mood with her personal experiences.

“I’ve endured a lot of beatings by my mother,’ said Gupta immediately drawing smiles from everyone on the dais to the media in attendance. 

Neena Gupta at the trailer launch of Goodbye in Mumbai on 6 September.

Gupta adds, “I keep reminding my daughter Masaba how lucky she is to not have a mother like my mother [was].” The seasoned actress left everyone in splits when she revealed the reason for her mother beating her up.

“There came a time, where young girls disliked applying hair oil. I told my mother that I will not go to college by applying hair oil. I got beaten up for that,” Gupta continues, “This generation gap does exist. I’m sure many people have such memories. I always tell my daughter that you may become the richest person, but without a family, all of it means nothing.”

The veteran actor backed her belief by revealing that at one point of time in her life, she derived pleasure by shooting outdoor as she had no one to go back to at home. This though changed, the moment she had Masaba in her life. Now the actress longs to not have too many outdoor shoots.

Ekta Kapoor is the daughter of yesteryear actor Jeetendra, Neena Gupta was once in a relationship with West Indies cricketing legend Sir Viv Richards. The former couple have one daughter – Masaba.

Goodbye [2022] is set to be released in theatres on 7 October.

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