Actor, comedian Sunil Grover: You need to do other roles to detox yourself

The seasoned actor reminds all how it is tough to do comedy every time and it is vital that an actor gets other roles to express his versatility.  

Sunil Grover at the trailer launch of Goodbye [2022]

By Mayur Lookhar

Seasoned actor Sunil Grover is vey popular for his comic roles in various capacities on television and also films. Grover became a popular comedian with his portrayal of witty characters such as Dr. Gulati, Gutthi on popular TV shows. He’s also done fine acts in films like Pataakha [2018] and the hilarious web series Sunflower [2021].

It’s a pity though that often the entertainment industry, even media, tends to typecast such quality actors in comic roles. Grover, who will be seen in director Vikas Bahl’s next Goodbye [2022], addressed the all-familiar issue of stereotyping of actors like him at the trailer launch of Goodbye in Mumbai on 6 September.

“Comedy is very tough to do. Honestly, I feel I don’t know how to do comedy, I want to do more [comedy], learn about it. I’m not trying to be humble,” Grover says, “When I did masters in theatre, I often got serious roles, but I didn’t know that I’ll click in comedy. I used to impersonate lot of people. They laughed, and that pleased me. I like doing comedy, but it is so tough that you can’t be doing comedy every time. You need to do other roles to detox yourself.”

Grover felt he is lucky to have had the opportunities to play different characters. He says, “The way I look at art, I simply enjoy playing varied characters. With comedy, I turn it into caricature, with serious role, I try doing what is required for the character. I’m lucky to play such characters. Thanks to Vikas [Bahl] sir who gave me a beautiful character to play in Sunflower.”

Among many things, Grover has also been dearly loved for impersonating legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan in TV shows. It’s a dream come true for him to be sharing the screen with the veteran in Bahl’s Goodbye [2022].  Did he impersonate the great man on the sets of Goodbye too?

 “Obviously. I hope he has logged out,” Grover said sheepishly. Bachchan couldn’t come for the trailer launch of Goodbye, but he joined the team via video conferencing. He had appeared only for about 5-`0 minutes and logged out early.

Grover continues, “I was nervous. Everyone desires to work with sir. I did the film so that I could get to see him daily. I felt it would be fun to interact with him.  As I speak, my heart is beating . Honestly, 90 percent of actors have all become actors by watching him. The remaining 10 percent would all be lying.”

Grover made it a point to converse with the legend daily. He says, “The moment he arrived, I used to get going. I only stayed in character when the camera rolled, otherwise I mostly copied [impersonated] him. I did this whole day.”

Goodbye [2022] is set to be released in theatres on 7 October.

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