Akshay Kumar defends the limited gap between his films

The Cuttputlli [2022] actor reminds people that due to Covid-19, there’s been a heavy backlog, and so the less gap between his films was inevitable.

By Mayur Lookhar

Filmmakers have waxed lyrical about Akshay Kumar’s Speedy Gonzales-style of working – wrapping up a film in 30-40- days. When films don’t work and the actor’s performance comes under scrutiny, such quick wrap-ups does raise question over an individual’s commitment. Akshay Kumar is known to do 3-4 films in a year. We are about to complete eight months in 2022, and we’ve already seen three Akshay Kumar films – Bachchhan Paandey, Samrat Prithviraj, Raksha Bandhan. The fourth film Cuttputlli is set to be released barely three weeks after Raksha Bandhan that came on 11 August.

Upset by the quality of the previous film(s), irate fans aren’t amused to see an Akshay Kumar film appear so soon after a dud.  So, what should be the ideal gap between two films? A scribe subtly asked Kumar during the trailer launch of Cuttputlli [2022].

“Due to pandemic, many films couldn’t get released. Theatres were shut. So, there was a huge backlog. We kept working but the films piled up. Now four of my films are ready to be released. If there was no pandemic, there wouldn’t have been a short gap between their release. If there was no pandemic, you would have seen a gap of 2-4 months between two films,” explained Kumar.

Fair point made AKshay Kumar. Cuttputlli [2022] is set to be released on 2 September on Disney+Hotstar.


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