Arjun Kapoor comments on Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot

The Ek Villain Returns [2022] actor lauds his Gunday [2014] co-star for being comfortable in his own skin.

Arjun Kapoor (l) . Ranveer Singh (R) – Source: Ranveer Singh Instagram.

By Mayur Lookhar

He makes ladies go weak in their knees with his electric energy, both on and off the screen. And when he appears in his Birthday suit, surely some women would have fainted. However, Ranveer Singh’s ‘bare it all’ photoshoot has also raised a storm in social circles. While many, mostly female fans have lauded the actor for his bold initiative, the 83 [2021] actor has also copped criticism from certain quarters, mainly social media.

Like it or hate it, but it is hard to ignore Ranveer Singh’s ‘naked’ truth. Fellow actor Arjun Kapoor shared his perspective on Singh’s nude pictures. Kapoor, who was out to promote his next Ek Villain Returns [2022], lauded his Gunday [2014] co-actor for being comfortable in his own skin.

“You should be allowed to be yourself. He [Ranveer] is that way. I don’t think Ranveer Singh does anything without being himself. There is no pretence to him. You [media] have seen him for the last 10-12 years, when he comes in, there is warmth, there is enjoyment, energy, this is just an extension of his personality,” said Kapoor.

The EK Villain Returns [2022] actor adds, “It is his decision. His social media. He is free to do what he thinks is right. He wants to be comfortable in his own skin and we should respect that.”

Kapoor, who is no stranger to social media criticism urged victims to simply ignore the trolls. “Having an opinion is fair. One shouldn’t give importance to trolls. Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna,” said Kapoor.

Without really expressing his personal views, Kapoor lent his full support to Singh.

“Full credit to the boy, if he is very happy doing what he is doing. and if he is not forced into it, or if it is not being done in a wrong or a crude way, [then] we should respect that. He is allowed to do what he wants. [Besides] He is making people happy by doing that [nudity] also,” quipped Kapoor.

Though they have worked together in Gunday [2014], but perhaps Kapoor wouldn’t have taken too kindly to Singh replacing him in 83 [2021]. 83 writer Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan had picked Arjun Kapoor as his first choice to play the role of legendary cricketer Kapil Dev. However once new producer, and director came on board, the makers had opted for Singh.

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