Aa Bhi Jaa: The Farhan Sabri, Sameer Anjaan song imbibes the 90s spirit

Rozlyn Khan, Rajniesh Duggal add the glam quotient to the ballad.

Rozyln Khan and Rajniesh Duggal in Aa Bhi Jaa [2022] single

By Mayur Lookhar

The 90s music is hard to put in words. Only that generation knows its worth. That was an era that was defined by simplicity. The lyrics weren’t classic poetry. The music and the singing had an easy flow to it. Often whole songs would play out to one rhythm. While joyful romantic songs were adored, but perhaps the society then went crazy over ballads. Veteran lyricist Sameer Anjaan is one of the architects of 90s music.

While Bollywood has moved on from the 90s music, Sameer Anjaan gives us the 90s vibe again through a single. Titled Aa Bhi Jaa, the ballad is crooned by Farhan Sabri with music by Prini Siddhant Madhav. Kindly note, it only shares the title with Lucky Ali’s popular track from the romantic musical Sur: The Melody of Life [2022].

The single takes us back to the 90s. Fair to say that this single is likely to strike a chord with the late 80s, 90s generation. While a large chunk of the music carries the 90s vibe, but the mandolin tunes partly give it a Turkish flavour The song has a nice rhythm with Farhan Sabri delivering a smooth, passionate performance.

The visuals speak a story wherein it appears that Rozlyn Khan is perhaps a gun moll, who is attracted by Rajneesh Duggal. However, this doesn’t please her boyfriend/boss. Invariably, certain desires are dangerous. Sex appeal apart, Khan has shown her funny, confident side through her social media vlogs. Of course, that is not possible in a ballad, but we could have done with a bit more passion and intensity from the lead cast. Maybe, time was a constrain here.

It might be hard to find millennials swooning over this track, but Aa Bhi Jaa is for the die-hard 90s desi music fans.

Produced by Panorama Music, our readers can watch the single below.


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