What made Akshay Kumar call Karan Johar his uncle?

The Raksha Bandhan super star also opens up on the disadvantage of being a brother to a sister.

Akshay Kumar during a song launch from Raksha Bandhan [2022] in Mumbai on 29 June, 2022.

By Mayur Lookhar

Film press conferences can throw up some unique questions. Yesterday [29 June], Akshay Kumar and co. stepped out to launch the Tere Saath Hoon Main song from his upcoming film Raksha Bandhan. A family drama film celebrating brother-sister bond would naturally throw up some personal questions. Kumar was left bemused when a journalist asked him a peculiar question.

Citing the example of how Karan Johar treats the Varun Dhawans, Alia Bhatts, et al, as his children, Kumar was asked whether he feels the same about anyone in the industry?

“No there is none like that,” pat came the reply. He adds, “I’ve done four films with him. By that logic, shouldn’t he be my mama [maternal uncle]? (Look) I share cordial relations with everyone. In fact, before I came here, I was having a word with Karan Johar.”

Later Kumar was asked if we could share any memorable anecdote about his bond with his little sister Alka Bhatia. The Raksha Bandhan [2022] star thought hard before talking about the disadvantage of being a brother while growing up in a traditional Indian household.

“There are many moments (thinks). If my sister indulged into mischief, I was the one to be reprimanded. If I did mischief, I was naturally reprimanded. When I told my parents that she did the mischief, they replied saying, it is okay (as) she is your little sister.  So, I ended up being scolded often,” said Kumar.

And Kumar was at the receiving end when his maternal uncle indulged in mischief too.

Says Kumar, “When my mama [maternal uncle] did mischief, I was still reprimanded. My parents felt that he [mama] is an elder, and you are the junior. So, till date, elder or younger, I’m still not able to understand why I was often reprimanded. I feel this must be common in most homes. I don’t think girls should be scolded. We men deserve it as usually we’re the troublemakers.”

Raksha Bandhan [2022] is set to be released on 11 August.



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