Raksha Bandhan song Tere Saath Hoon Main: Irshad Kamil’s beautiful lyrics emote the inner feelings of a brother for his sister

Himesh Reshammiya’s magical music, Nihal Tauro’s soulful singing make Tere Saath Hoon Main a fine track that will cut across people of all ages.

By Mayur Lookhar

Music is often an integral part of an Aanand L. Rai film. This time it’s no A.R. Rahman, but Rai’s roped in maverick composer, singer Himesh Reshammiya for his next Raksha Bandhan [2022]. And Reshammiya collaborates with lyricist Irshad Kamil for this family drama. It’s not a maiden collaboration as the duo had earlier worked in the little known film Ahista Ahista [2006].

What’s new for both artistes is that it is for the first time that they had to create music that celebrates the brother-sister relationship. Raksha Bandha is a story of a bachelor man [Akshay Kumar] and his four unmarried sisters – played by Sadiaa Khateeb, Deepika Khanna, Sahejmeen Kaur, Smrithi Srikanth.

While many have siblings, but unlike parents, or lover/spouse, the brothe-sister relationship is usually difficult to express in words. Having the love of his sister, lyricist Irshad Kamil dug into his own beautiful sibling moments in writing songs for Raksha Bandhan. The team today launched the first song Tere Saath Hoon Main. The beautiful lyrics give voice to a brother to express his love and care for his dear sisters, especially for Sadiaa Khateeb’s character who is getting married. It emotes the inner feelings of a brother during such moments.

We were so immersed into the simple but beautiful lyrics, that it was hard to keep an eye on the corresponding visuals. The words epitomize the feelings, emotions which a brother, especially and older brother can’t expresses into words. The siblings have lost their parents, with Akshay Kumar’s character being like a parental-figure to his younger sisters. It is normal for such a brother to imbibe the Tere Saath Hoon Main (I’m there with you’ spirit). In just over three minutes, the song fills you with nostalgia, it springs memories of bidding adieu to a sister at her wedding. Maybe yours truly was too passive to shed a tear, but the song will strike a chord with many parentless brothers who bid a tearful farewell to their sister at her wedding.

The beautiful lyrics plays to a mesmerizing desi music by Himesh Reshmmaiya. The easy, languid music triggers memories of Reshammiiya’s soft melodious tracks from films like Tere Naam [2003], Apne [2007]. Indian Idol 12 finalist Nihal Tauro gets the big break in his career and he floors you with his soulful singing. Tauro’s tone imbibe the subdued emotion that a big brother goes through during her sister’s wedding.

The visuals speak for themselves. Perhaps, seeing Akshay Kumar break down, holding on to the door of his sister’s departing car is perhaps a bit OTT. Hey but we’ve seen some real drama at bidaas, funerals in traditional Indian households.

Such songs are to enjoyed for its lyrics, music and singing. Tere Saath Hoon Main is a sure chartbuster.

Watch the song below.

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