HIT trailer: Is Rajkummar Rao’s traumatised cop avtaar the best man to probe The First Case?

The Hindi remake of Sailesh Kolanu’s Telugu action thriller has intrigue and mystery written all over it.

By Mayur Lookhar

Rajkummar Rao in HIT- The First Case [2022]

This reviewer is very tempted to watch the original Telugu film. Whilst the producers of the Hindi remake would like us to hold our horses, but the trailer of the Hindi remake is so mesmerizing that we want to get our hands on creator Sailesh Kolanu’s world of HIT- The First Case [2020]. Two years later, the Hindi remake starring Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra is also titled the same.

Firstly, the HIT here is a fictitious Homicide Investigation Team. It be wrong to call it a pseudonym for Special Investigative Team for the title is enough to suggest that this is a new department floated in the fictitious world of films. Fair enough and any writer in entitled for such creative liberties.

It is not a simple missing case of one collegian Preeti. The tension is mounted further when HIT officer Vicky’s [Rajkummar Rao] wife Neha [Sanya Malhotra], too, goes missing. While Milind Gunaji is shown in a cop uniform speaking to Preeti in the opening scene, it would be premature to assume that this character is the culprit in this story. We won’t give the plot for the original. It appears that not just the main plot, but certain character names in the Hindi remake, too, bear resemblance. We are certain there will be few tweaks to the Hindi story.

What’s intriguing though is that here is a tale where the cop has his own personal demons to conquer. Vicky suffers from PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder]. We get a brief glimpse of the past but we don’t see Rao in it. Is he the guy who gets shot or is is he one of the masked kidnappers? Forward to today, now with his wife also going missing, does it make him the best man to investigate the case? Vicky though is a humane cop than the larger-than-life avtaar that is often throw at us. Rao is usually brilliant at playing such intense characters and he looks impressive in the trailer. And the same can be said about Malhotra and every other actor appearing in the trailer.

A finely cut trailer with many short visuals that help to build an intrigue and mystery all around the film. Fair to say that HIT- The First Case [2022] has all the elements of being a fine action thriller.

HIT – The First Case [2022] is set to be released in theatres on 15 July. Watch the trailer below.


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