Alia Bhatt is the tadka in Ranbir Kapoor’s dal-chawal of a life

The now married Ranbir Kapoor strongly bats for marriage as opposed to his indecisive, flirtatious on-screen characters.

By Mayur Lookhar

Source: Alia Bhatt Instagram

A marriage changes a person. Ranbir Kapoor, who got married to fellow actor Alia Bhat, is a changed man. This was proved from his matured comments at the trailer launch of Shamshera in Mumbai today [24 June].

Kapoor has two big releases within 45 days of each other this year. First it will be Shamshera that releases on 22 July, and then on 9 September, it will be Brahmastra. A journalist asked Kapoor whether this was purely coincidental or a gift of marriage?

“You can believe it to be both,” said Ranbir before adding, “Honestly, it was never in my hand. These big budgets, VFX heavy films have taken their time to be made. Plus there was Covid in between. I don’t if is fortunate or unfortunate thing, that my two big films are coming within a span of 45 days.”

The usually elusive Ranbir then opened up on marriage bringing in a certain stability in his life.

‘It’s been a big year for me. I got married. That was a beautiful feeling I used to say in my films that Shaadi is dal-chawal for 50 years till you die. You need to savour some tangri-kebab, keema-pav, haka noodle in life too” (Referring to his few on-screen flirtatious indecisive characters).

He continues, “Boss, but the experience of life, I’ve realized that Dal-chawal is the best. You don’t need anything else. Alia has is like the tadka [tempering] in my dal-chawal, she’s the pickle, onion, everything in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in my life.”

Earlier, Kapoor thanked director Karan Malhotra for helping him get through this tough challenge. The Shamshera actor revealed no one, and not even he could have imagined himself being offered such larger-than-life characters in the early phase of his career. Having not played such intense characters before the difficult part was to bring that angst out in him. Though there were moments of stress, frustration Kapoor felt it was the director’s vision and faith that helped him in his Shamshera journey.

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