Ranveer Singh recalls his introduction to desi Chinese food

The Jayeshbhai Jordaar [2022] actor savoured the Chinese food on the streets of Bandra, one served in his college, and also the desi Chinese delicacies cooked by his father.

Ranveer Singh at the launch of an ad film in Mumbai.

By Mayur Lookhar

Brand endorsement pressers can be monotonous PR exercises but not if it involves Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty. The two men speak from the heart and that is what makes them likable. Shetty and Singh had collaborated for an ad film that promoted a popular FMCG brand. Several years later, the duo have joined hands again to dole out their second ad film for the brand Ching’s.

Titled Made in India, the near five minute ad film was launched today [28 May] in Mumbai, promoting its latest quality of instant noodles. Oriental food has become very popular in India. While the authentic Chinese food differs in taste, aroma, India savors its own desi Chinese food, which perhaps was first served on the city streets. That was our introduction to desi Chinese food, but was it also the same for Ranveer Singh? We asked the Ching’s ambassador.

“Yes, my brother. There was a place in Hill Road, Bandra. There was this [hawker] place called Lee Aos, that served desi Chinese. It’s now shut and replaced by one Jimme’s. I used to eat even there. I did my 11 and 12 [class] from H.R College of Commerce and Economics. The Chinese food there…,” said Singh.

The Jayeshbhai Jordaar [2022] actor then pointed to some individual in the theatre. We couldn’t see who Singh was addressing.

“Ya, you [points to that unseen person], too, had it. This gentleman used to visit there a lot. Not just to have Chinese food but also to check out girls. I know it all. So, H.R College used to have mind blowing Chinese food for just rupees 30. They even served one by two, Rs15 each. The two brothers used to share and eat. That was my favourite then, but now all Ching’s products are my favorite, especially their Schezwan Chutney,” Singh said in a gluttonous tone.

But did he try cooking desi Chinese in his early days? “No, my father used to cook. He made good homemade desi Chinese. As for me, if I can make even an anda [perhaps omelette] that would be huge,” replied the actor.

Earlier Singh disclosed how he never endorses any brand without testing rather tasting it first, at least in the case of Ching’s.

“I do [taste] genuinely. Once upon a time, I even sold [endorsed] Nirodh [Indian condom brand], It is a fact. You should use a product first and then sell it.” Singh gave a cheeky reply evoking all round laughter.

The actor recalled his first meeting with Ching’s founder Ajay Gupta, who was also present at today’s event.

“Ajay sir didn’t bring Ching’s in our first meeting. I told him sir you have good vibes but I can’t say yes to you till I don’t taste myself. In our second meeting, he brought Ching’s noodles and Schezwan Chutney. Basically, he won over me by serving Schezwan Chutney. It has nasha [fiery taste ]. Aha haaa, you only get to know it in the morning. I tasted everything and then gave my nod,” recalled Singh.

Ajay Gupta, too, got nostalgic recalling how this second meeting took place in Yash Raj Studios. Gupta’s team got one instant noodles made, and like a child, Ranveer sucked it from the top, The super star made a candid disclosure that he loves two things in life – Ching’s Schezwan Chutney and Nutella.

Watch the Ching’s Made in India ad film below.


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