Yo Yo Honey Singh: I didn’t get work as I was fat

The popular rap artiste has put his troubles behind him as he eyes a return to form with a slew of tracks.

Yo Yo Honey Singh (1), Divya Khosla Kumar (2), Bhushan Kumar (3), Guru Randhawa (4) at Designer success party in Mumbai

By Mayur Lookhar

Nothing is constant in life. What goes up, has to come down. and rise again. Rap artiste Hirdesh Singh, popularly known as Yo Yo Honey Singh has experienced the highs and the lows in his career. A few years ago, Singh went through a low phase in life where his health suffered and invariably led to him being out of the limelight. Singh had opened up earlier about his health, issues, how he battled alcoholism, depression before slowly regaining his focus in life.

While he hasn’t regained the touch that earlier made him the most popular rap artiste in Bollywood, the rapper has been taking slow strides on the road to redemption. He turned up in Mumbai on Monday [23 May] for the success party of his new duet Designer with fellow singer Guru Randhawa.

What was visible for onlookers is how fit, how lean Singh looked. Clearly, the man has never looked so fit before. Singh was asked why he has kept a low profile in Bollywood in the last few years.

The rap artiste was candid enough to say that he wasn’t in great shape. “I didn’t get work, because I got fat. I’ve worked hard to lose weight, and will continue to do so. I have 48 songs [in the kitty]. This year you will see 10 of my songs,’ said Singh.

Singh kept tight lipped on the future projects, one of which will be another collaboration with T-series.

Singh and Randhawa’s Designer single feat. Divya Khosla Kumar, was launched few days ago. The peppy dance number has so far crossed 47 million views on YouTube. While the lyrics are a little vague, but it is the peppy score, and the engaging tones of Singh and Randhawa that makes it a groovy number.

What fans will appreciate is that how unlike many of his previous tracks, this one doesn’t really feature alcohol, or mock women. A fashioned-themed song, it simply celebrates the beauty of Divya Khosla Kumar, who along with other gorgeous models, light up the ramp.

Watch the Designer single below.

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