Revealed! Nora Fatehi and her fishtail nightmare

The ace dancer recalls her horror at obtaining the artificial fishtail and the subsequent challenges of shooting with it.

By Mayur Lookhar

Nora Fatehi as a mermaid in the Dance Meri Rani song

Ace dancer Nora Fatehi is drawing praise with her latest dance video Dance Meri Rani, a peppy track crooned by Guru Randhawa, Zahrah S Khan with music by Tanishk Bagchi.  One of the highlights of the song is its aquatic setting where Fatehi is seen in the avatar of a mermaid before she converts herself into a human and dances like a dream. Whilst the latest single is winning over fans globally, but Fatehi and the crew had a hard time to procure the fishtail.

Speaking about it at an event last night [21 December], Fatehi revealed that the artificial fishtail was sourced from Amsterdam, it travelled to Paris before going missing in Delhi.  “It got stuck. He [Tanishk Bagchi] came back without the fishtail. It got lost in Delhi. It took 48 hours to find it.  We had a heart attack because we didn’t have a back up.  To make a fishtail out of silicon and latex and make it look real is very hard to find it, “ said Fatehi.

The Canadian-Moroccan further revealed that the inspiration came from a group of women who consider themselves as mermaids and they are the ones who wear such fish tail and swim with it. Fatehi was excited to learn about them, but she regretted having to wear one herself later.  “It was so heavy, “ Fatehi says, “ I can’t tell you how heavy it was. Then once you add water to it, it gets doubly heavy.  I had to be dragged around in a stretcher with it. It was all itchy and I was getting anxiety but t it was worth it as it looked so stunning, so real. “

Guru Randhawa and Nora Fatehi in a still from the Dance Meri Rani video

Whilst imagining Fatehi in a fishtail was the call of the creative team, but Fatehi proudly owned her stunning look in the video.  “There are cultural references behind this look. There is a history behind it. The reason why we chose to don an Afro curly hair was because I’m North African. In Africa, we have different shades of hair texture, skin tone, which we celebrate as beautiful. I thought we don’t really celebrate curly hair in India.  I felt this is the time to represent Afro vibes, Afro culture properly,” said the Canadian Moroccan.

The dancing queen added that her mom has honey brown curly hair, and how she wanted  to stick to a stylized cultural pieces in terms of the jewellery, fabric and try to get it commercially authentic.  

The song is choreographed and directed by Bosco Leslie Martis with lyrics by Rashmi Virag. Produced by T-Series, the song has so far generated over 20 million views in just over 24 hours since its launch.


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