Dance Meri Rani song: No Shakira, but Nora Fatehi revisits her Moroccan roots in this Guru Randhawa, Zahrah S Khan duet

Whilst director, choreographer Bosco Leslie Martis turns Fatehi into a dancing mermaid, composer Tanishk Bagchi creates a foot tapping desi Afrobeat number.

Nora Fatehi in a still from Dance Meri Rani track.

By Mayur Lookhar

In an era where song and dance theme is increasingly losing its relevance in Bollywood, thanks to Canadian-Moroccan import Nora Fatehi for keeping the tradition alive. In a short span of time, the lady has emerged as the undisputed dancing queen of Bollywood. Whilst she flirts with acting, but it’s her dancing that would even get a beat-deaf person to tap his/her feet.

Continuing her journey as a dancer, Fatehi has doled out another foot-tapping number for her millions of fans. A year ago, it was Naach Meri Rani and now singer Guru Randhawa is urging the rani [queen] to dance again with the Dance Meri Rani single.

Comparison with the two are futile for both tracks play to a different theme and set in completely different milieu The lone thing common here is the vibrant beats – desi pop in Naach Meri Rani, while in Dance Meri Rani composer Tanishk Bagchi gets us grooving to the Afrobeat.

More on the music later, but first what has left us stunned in the aquatic setting with Fatehi, who played a mannequin in the Naach Meri Rani song, now stepping into the shoes, rather fishtail of a mermaid. Sailing into his tiny boat,, Guru Randhawa discovers an ethereal mermaid [Fatehi] on a virgin beach shore. A simple palm-to-palm touch is enough to turn the mermaid into a human and next we see her dance like a dream. At the end of the song, Randhawa lets the lady return to her mermaid form as she dives into the sea.

Choreographed, directed by Bosco Leslie Martis, we see some breathtaking dance moves by Fatehi. A few have already drawn comparisons with Columbian artiste Shakira, but hey, no one owns an IP [Intellectual Property] over looks , hair style or any dance form. It would be grave injustice to label Fatehi as any desi Shakira. Let’s not forget, belly dancing migrated from Lebanon to Spain.

Dance Meri Rani has no belly dancing but we largely see Fatehi burn the sand shore with her Afro dance moves. For Fatehi, this was a rare chance to revisit her North African roots both in looks and dance. Maybe, there is the odd, minor bely dance move when Fatehi is down on her knees in the later half of the song. but largely this is an Afro dance number. These moves are interspersed with different looks. However, for the viewer, it is the image of a curly haired Fatehi sizzling to Afro music that stays with you forever. As often, Fatehi casts a spell on you with her beauty and dance moves. No criticism as such but wish we could have seen some under water shots of Fatehi as the mermaid.

Randhawa had a bit more dancing in Naach Meri Desi track, but there was no way he would have matched the electric pace of Fatehi in Dance Meri Rani track. He is given the odd step, but the man is clearly happy to watch from the sideline. The Afro melody is new to Randhawa and the Hindi/Punjabi singer finetunes his style to suit the melody. It is a unique experience not just for his the fans, but also for Randhawa. Explore other cultures and how often does one take an instant liking for it. If not better than Naach Meri Desi, Randhawa surely regales in this Afro music.. There is a little mellowness to his tone, which you don’t really associate with Guru Randhawa tracks.

Nikhita Gandhi was Randhawa’s partner in crime in Naach Meri Rani, here it is young singer Zahrah S Khan. She comes in only briefly but leaves a lasting impression with her mellow seductive tone. She is particularly good at crooning the English-Hindi verse

The lyrics by Rashmi Viraj are fairly simple but it is Bagchi’s music that elevates the quality of its lyrics. Yes he is infamous for his remakes, but this original composition is sure to feature on New Year Eve parties. Dance Meri Rani has even got this beat-deaf reviewer shaking his limbs.

Watch the Dance Meri Rani track below. Produced by T-Series, the song has got over 20 million views in just over 24 hours since its launch.


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