Anurag Kashyap counters Payal Ghosh’s claim, says he was in Sri Lanka then

Filmmaker’s lawyer Priyanka Khimani issues a statement saying that during the alleged period of offence [August, 2013], her client was not present in India but was shooting in Sri Lanka

By Mayur Lookhar

Anurag Kashyap, Payal Ghosh (R)

He had vehemently denied the sexual assault allegation by Payal Ghosh, and now Anurag Kashyap has strongly defended himself by pointing out that as opposed to the period mentioned in her FIR [August 2013], he wasn’t even present in India, but he was shooting for one of his films in Sri Lanka then. Kashyap was shooting for Bombay Velvet [2015] then. Kashyap was called in for questioning by the Versova police on 1 October.

His lawyer Priyanka Khimani has now issued a statement claiming that Ghosh’s complaint is nothing but a lie.

“The material provided by Mr. Kashyap, in support of his statement, demonstrates that the complaint of Ms. Ghosh is an outright lie. Mr. Kashyap has provided documentary proof of the fact that throughout August, 2013 he was away in Sri Lanka in connection with the shooting of one of his films. Mr. Kashyap has categorically denied that any such alleged incident ever took place and has also denied all allegations levelled against him,” Khimani said in her statement.

“Mr. Kashyap is confident that the falsity of the complaint has been exposed, not only by the evidence presented by Mr. Kashyap, but also the ever-shifting version of events put forth by Ms. Ghosh in the media. Mr. Kashyap is apprehensive that now that the falsity of her allegations in the FIR have been established, she will alter her version of events in the investigative process as well,” added Khimani.

We reached out to Ghosh’s lawyer Advocate Nitin Satpute to seek clarity on the exact period of the alleged offence. There was no clear answer but Satpute claimed that Ghosh had a communication with Kashyap on facebook messenger in 2014. He said that data will first need to be retrieved. In an earlier article, Satupute had told us that the alleged offence took place in 2015. That was before Ghosh had filed an FIR.

Efforts to reach out to Versova police didn’t yield any response. Ghosh has included the rape charge in her FIR. The actor has alleged that Kashyap had called her to his house and had molested her.

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