Team Kangana Ranaut calls Taapsee Pannu a B-grade human being

‘Kangana Ranaut’s digital team posted a series of tweets slamming The Pink (2016) actress who retweeted a post containing an old video of Ranaut praising Ranveer Singh’s show in Gully Boy [2019]

By Annaya Srusti

Kangana Ranaut (l), Taapsee Pannu (R)

The war of words between Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu just refuses to end. Kangana Ranaut’s digital team has upped the ante against the Pink (2016) actor. The latest attack came after  Pannu had retweeted a post containing video feature where in Kangana had praised Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy (2019) as one of the best performances of the year but had no a word of praise for  Sushant Singh Rajput’s performance in Chhichhore [2019]. 

“sorry guys couldn’t help retweeting this one”, wrote the ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ (2019) actress.

The the two videos contained contrasting views of Ranaut – one praising Ranveer Singh for Gully Boy [2019] and not mentioning a word on Rajput then. Second. forward to 2020, Ranaut has been degrading Singh, Gully Boy and singing praise of the late Sushant Singh Rajput.

In response to this tweet, Kangana’s digital team slammed Pannu by calling her a ‘B grade human being’ and retweeted another netizen’s video that claimed  that the one posted by Pannu was edited.

“Ms Punnu (Pannu) has hit a new low by posting fake videos, today she has officially become not just a B grade actor but also a B grade human being, shame on you @taapsee for posting half edited videos to please your masters..”, wrote @teamKangana.

Responding to a netizen’s tweet that criticized The Pink (2016) actress for not having issues at being called an A-lister’ by a national news channel, in her own interview, but slamming Ranaut for doing the same, team Kangana wrote, “Taapsee has called herself B grade in many of her interviews. When English speaking media or Bollywood mafia call her B grade she won’t humiliate them as she humiliates Kangana. Double standards?”

The Manikarnika (2019) actress’ digital team later went on to accuse Taapsee of trying to scupper justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. Sharing Taapsee’s interview, the team, in a couple of tweets wrote, “Taapsee ji said she can’t do drama for TRPs. It’s a shame for a non existent career of hers she is trying to sabotage justice that whole nation wants for Sushant. For TRPs one needs valid points, brains, cohesive narrative and articulation…(1/2)

..simply trying to humiliate struggle of a great woman like Kangana who not only put her glorious career at stake but even her own life in danger, shame on such greedy people  (2/2)”

That wasn’t all as team Kangana went on to label Pannu a chaploos (sycophant)  in a thread of tweets..

“Best popular film of 2019- Uri, Best Director- Nitesh Tiwari, Best actor- Ranveer Signh, Best Actress- Kangana Ranaut ( Manikarnika), Best Actress Critics- Bhumi ( Sonchiriya) hope Dumbos get some perspective and stop making a fool of themselves..(contd)

chaploosi ki films chaploosi ke awards have made them too greedy”, wrote team Kangana.

In another thread of tweets, Team Kangana criticized Taapsee when she won an award for her performance in Saandh Ki Aankh [2019].

“What is rather questionable is the award @taapsee got for the performance which was hugely criticised, it was a tie between Bhumi ( Sonchiriya ) and Kangana (JHK) but Kangana too agrees solo Bhumi deserved it…(1/2)

…but chaploosi takes you places and @taapsee is a living example of that, When papa Jo Kalank can get awards why not @taapsee… (2/2)”, wrote team Kangana.


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