Sushant Singh Rajput’s cousin brother Neeraj Kumar Singh Bablu: There must be some cause for his depression

A month on since his actor-cousin’s death, the BJP MLA from Bihar feels that no concrete answers coming from the investigation

By Mayur Lookhar

Sushant Singh Rajput [1986-2020]

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has expressed full confidence in Mumbai police ruling out any CBI [Central Bureau of Investigation] probe as he believes that the investigation so far has not revealed any foul play. He didn’t specify whether it was NO personal or professional foul play. On 16 July, Rajput’s girl friend Rhea Chakraborty had requested Union Home Minister Amit Shah for a CBI inquiry .

A month and a three days on since the tragedy [14 June], Beyond Bollywood spoke to Neeraj Kumar Singh Bablu (51), Rajput’s cousin brother and Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Chhatapur, Bihar. We informed him of Deshmukh’s comment, and Rhea’s call for a CBI investigation. When asked what he made of the investigation so far, Bablu replied, “Kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai (We are not able to understand anything). There is no concrete answers coming [from the investigation]. So far, we are waiting for the investigation to be completed”

Deshmukh’s comment perhaps hinted towards ‘no professional foul play’. That then begs the question was there any foul play at the personal end? Rajput was rumoured to be dating fellow actor Rhea Chakraborty, and the duo even stayed together for a while before the girl [reportedly] moved out of his Bandra apartment. Some speculative reports claim that there was trouble in their relationship with Chakrabory then walking out of Rajput’s home. Chakraborty’s Jalebi [2018] writer Suhrita Sengupta had reportedly told a veteran journalist that veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, producer of Jalebi, had found similarities between the late Parveen Babi and Rajput’s condition and hence advised Chakraborty to call it quits with the Chhichhore [2019] actor.

But in her tweet yesterday, Chakraborty introduced herself as Rajput’s girl friend which perhaps indicates that the relationship wasn’t over as widely speculated.

A couple of days after his death, there were murmurs of Rajput’s father K.K Singh telling some local [Bihari] channel ,”woh koi Bengali ladki ko lekar pareshaan tha,” [He was troubled (over his relationship) with some Bengali girl). Bablu though has rubbished such rumours and clarified that the Rajput senior never gave any such quote to anyone.

When asked whether he was aware of any trouble in Sushant and Rhea’s relationship, Bablu replied, “I don’t know. They shared a cordial relationship in the beginning.”. Though not confirmed, but the duo were said to be eyeing a November wedding.

While he acknowledged that Rajput may have had some health issues, but Bablu still cannot fathom how Rajput could have killed himself. “Every one has some minor health issue, but if he was depressed, then there must be some cause for his depression? The police will have to give a reason,” said Bablu.

The MLA from Bihar also stated that thus far he is not clear whether it was a suicide or was there any foul play. Bablu says, “It is said that there was a friend with him the previous night? Who was that friend? We don’t know yet. Who all were questioned? Is it murder or suicide? Nothing is clear so far,”

Reportedly, Rajput was suffering from depression for the last six months and has been consulting psychiatrist Kersi Chavda. The noted psychiatrist is said to have been questioned by the Mumbai police. Efforts to reach out to Chavda hasn’t yielded any response yet.

Save for the odd posts by his America-based sister Shweta Singh Kirti, the family has largely kept mum. Did Sushant talks about his professional (if any) or personal woes to his Mumbai based sister Mitu or anyone in the family?

“No, not with me. As far as I know, he never discussed his professional problems with the family. He dealt his career issues individually. He was very successful and having a great career,” claimed Bablu.


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