Manoj Bajpayee: Anubhav Sinha used to have Scotch for himself and serve Old Monk to his poor friends

Seasoned actor recalls an unpleasant episode with the Thappad [2020] director many years ago

By Our Correspondent

Manoj Bajapyee l] , Anubhav Sinha

Director Anubhav Sinha drew flak after he used abusive language to hit out at a portal for a trade report on his latest directorial Thappad [2020]. Sinha had later apologized to his followers but not the publication. Sinha’s outburst came as shock for his admirers. The director is now the under scanner again. But this time it’s no trade report, but seasoned actor Manoj Bajpyee who has revealed some shocking details about Sinha.

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In an video interview to Mid-Day, Bajpayee claimed that Sinha used to have Scotch whiskey for himself, but served others cheap rum. Bajpayee was speaking about his early struggles in Mumbai, how he didn’t really get affected by loss of opportunities but he recalled one bizarre episode with Sinha that still stings.

“He [Anubhav Sinha] used to rub it very hard. He used to make a drink, and then say do you know what is the difference between Scotch and ordinary whiskey? This is how Anubhav Sinha is. He will keep Scotch for himself and serve Old Monk (rum) to his poor friends, no matter how social he is now on Twitter. I used to hate him,” Bajpayee told Mid-Day.

The episode goes back a long way when Bajpayee was trying to get a break in the entertainment industry in Mumbai. Anubhav Sinha used to then assist director Pankaj Parashar. Sinha had called down Bajpayee to Mumbai for a TV series, but he never got the role.

Despite the unpleasant memory, Bajpayee holds nothing against Sinha. He was all praise for the filmmaker, who has been much appreciated for powerful films likes Mulk [2018], Article 15 [2019] and now Thappad [2020].

“I am happy for him. For many years, he has done music videos. He is a very sensitive person. He wants to do socio political development in the country. He has taken the right direction and he will not fail in it,” added Bajpayee.

Bajpayee was much appreciated for The Family Man [web series] last year. He recently wrapped up the second season which is likely to stream on Amazon Prime Video later this year.

Watch Bajpayee’s complete interview with Mid-Day below.


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