Anurag Kashyap’s cheeky personal jibe at PM Modi boomerangs, trolls remind of #Kalki

Kashyap’s tweet mocking the Prime Minister for leaving his wife sees trolls reminding Kashyap that he is twice divorced

By Mayur Lookhar

Kalki Koechlin with Anurag Kashyap (file)

One should choose their words carefully.  And in the world of Twitter, you ought to be doubly careful as to what you post for it may come back to bite you. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap got brutally trolled with his former wife Kalki Koechlin also dragged into the controversy.

On Sunday, Kashyap had posted a Tweet indirectly mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Kashyap’s tweet has now been deleted.

The filmmaker had tagged a particular tweet and commented the following,

“Jiski biwi chhod ke chali jaati hai aur family nahin hoti hai , pata hai na aagay chal ke woh kya banta hai ? Modi ji se poocho ??”, tweeted Kashyap.

Kashyap’s comment was a clear dig at Prime Minister Modi, who as the world knows, had left his wife, and family at an early age.

The filmmaker’s cheeky dig though didn’t go down well Modi supporters who then turned the tables on Kashyap reminding him of his own personal life. Kashyap’s former wife Kalki Koechlin started to trend as netizens played [punned] on the word Kal ki (yesterday).

Here are some quirky tweets.

This netizen perhaps started the trolling, cleverly using the words ‘kal ki’ from the classic patriotic song from Hum Hindustani [1961] to mock Kashyap.

While this netizen didn’t shy from calling Kashyap a champion at marrying young women and then dumping them. Kashyap is twice divorced and is currently dating Shubra Shetty, who was his associate at the now defunct Phantom Films.

Here are few more tweets mocking Kashyap.

Kindly note the Malayalam movie Kalki was trending. That should not be confused with the Kashyap controversy.


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