On Bhai Dooj, Parineeti Chopra open up about the close bond with her brothers

The Kesari (2019) actress reveals how despite being the older siblings, her borther still show her with gifts and love

Press Note

We all know about the close bond that she shares with her cousin sister Priyanka but not much is written or spoken about Parineeti Chopra’s bond with her younger brother Sahaj and Shivang. On the Hindu festival of Bhai Dooj, Chopra penned a heartfelt note expressing gratitude to her brothers. 

Read the full statement below.

“My brothers are my soulmates they are my friends, they are my children, they are my babies they are everything. They are that special to me because now somehow the age difference that we have we have all kind of become the same age and get along so much better that’s why I love them. They are my go-to people the ones who know everything about my life. My brothers are not just my brother, they are my entire life, they are my partners, working- partners, they are my cushions when I need to cry, they are my parents, they are my children they are my everything.

They are the ones who usually give me advice they are younger than I am but they are somehow so mature that I am the one who constantly calls them and takes advice from them. But if I had to every say anything to them I would say that be a hedonist like me, seek happiness in whatever you do and stop worrying about the future, just live in the now.

Unfortunately all three of us live in three different cities and it is very difficult for us to meet for all these festivals but we always make sure that we FaceTime each other and speak to each other and of course I always have to joke about the fact they need to send me gifts which they have started doing now. They send me gifts and it makes me feel so proud of the babies that they were now they have grown up and now they are the ones who send me gifts. When I was growing up I used to give them something small like 100,500 rupees and today they give me like phones or expensive gifts, I feel really really proud.

I think my favourite memories with them would be the summer holidays that we would spend in Kenya my grandparents used to stay in Kenya. Every single year for our summer holidays we used to live there and we would travel together. Growing up with them there, going to the parks there, going for Safaris seeing the wildlife I think those are my favourite memories.”.


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